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"Participating in the detox and strength training is a life-changing experience.  With Cheri's help, I view nutrition and exercise differently, and have the results as proof.  I lost over 15% body fat, went from a size 14 to a 6, and gained the confidence I didn't know I had lost."


"I Worked with Cheri Soraparu, the nutritionist and trained with her and Koreen Anast.  I Lost roughly 30 pounds in the first 90 days for a total of 47 lbs.  Lost approx 30% body fat , lost 7 inches in waist , lost 4 inches around hips ,lost approx 2 inches around neck, gained approx. 2 inches of muscle in biceps, 10 inches in chest , 3 inches in thighs, 1 inch on calf's, 1 inch in forearms.  I continue to Personal Train weekly and love my eating habbits that are easily a part of my life."

"My name is Oran Searles. I started working out at Team Fitness about 3 years ago. When I started I weighed approx. 275 pounds, wore size 42 pants and had a 32.5% body fat :(  . My goal was to lose weight and get back into shape. The problem I had is that I didn't know how to get there by myself. I did however lose weight but not what I wanted and had trouble reaching the goals I had set. I found that just working out hard and lifting weights wasn't enough. Cheri, Team Fitness's nutritionist had suggested that I sign up for the Sexy Spring Slimdown, a 30 day detox program, lose 30 pounds in 30 days. It was the best thing I ever did. I lost 10lbs in the first week, and a total of 22lbs in the 30 days and 21lbs of body fat. This program taught me about nutrition and diet, the main ingredients I was missing in the plight to reach my goals. After the program ended I continued with the 8 week Fitness Challenge Team Fitness put on. With the help, training, nutrition education, classes, and encouragement from Team Fitness I now weigh 220lbs (A TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS OF 55 LBS SO FAR!), wear size 33/34 pants, and dropped my body fat from 32.5%. to 19%. Thanks Team Fitness!!!, You made my pants fall off!!"

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